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Category : 3) Particle Engineering & DS-DP Co-Processing

Spherical Cocrystallization of Pharmaceuticals

By Prof. Changquan Calvin Sun, Pharmaceutical Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory, University of Minnesota The development of a quality tablet product requires overcoming deficiencies in pharmaceutical properties of an...

Amorphous or Crystalline? Using Next Generation PAT to Track API Particle Attributes for Enhanced Downstream Processability

By Richard Becker, BlazeMetrics   Process Analytical Technology (PAT) has dramatically expanded its capabilities over the last decade. Today’s PAT enables an in-depth understanding of process behavior on both...

Particle engineering by spray drying: process dev., scale-up, and technology transfer

By Dr. Nima Yazdanpanah, Procegence Drug substance isolation by crystallization and filtration and spray drying are last stages of the drug substance manufacturing process, where critical quality attributes (CQAs)...

Control, is it achievable in amorphous or poorly crystalline peptide isolations?

By Dr. Jeremy M. Merritt, Eli Lilly and Co. Abstract: pending

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