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Combined In-Silico & Experimental Approach for Solid Form Screen & Selection

By Drs. Yuriy Abramov and Shanming Kuang,
Center for Pharma Crystallization, J-Star Research

Small molecule drug candidates tend to have different solid forms, including anhydrate, hydrate, solvate, salt, cocrystal and amorphous. Each form displays unique solid-state properties that may profoundly influence bioavailability, stability, manufacturability and other performance characteristics of the drugs. Therefore, it is critical to conduct solid-state research and choose the right crystal form for development based on properties including crystallinity, hygroscopicity, solubility, stability, processability and flowability. This workshop will focus on in-silico & experimental approaches for solid form screen & selection, which includes the rational, methodology and workflow. A case study that illustrates the selection process will be presented.
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