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Dr. Bob Docherty, Pfizer

Dr. Robert Docherty did his degree and PhD. at Strathclyde University and joined ICI/Zeneca in 1988 where he worked on the solid-state structure and crystallization of dyes, pigments, biocides, electrophotographic agents, agrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. He joined Pfizer in 1999 as Head of Material Sciences. He retired from his role as Strategic Lead for Digital Design at Pfizer in December 2020. He is now Director of West View House Consulting Limited. He holds a visiting professorship at Leeds University and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. His research interests have focused on the structural and simulation aspects of the assembly of molecules to crystals, crystals to particles and particles to products. He has through various activities continued to support a community vision towards an unprecedented digital perspective of the journey from molecule to medicine. Throughout his career he has been fortunate to work at the industrial/academic interface with numerous partners to help create and guide a range of research projects and has published over 75 journal papers and book chapters Keynote presentation: Digitally Enabled Workflows: Accelerating the Molecule to Medicine Journey
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