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A new approach to stere-opure atropisomeric molecules enabled by continuous flow-crystallization

By Dr. Michal Achmatowicz, Mirati Therapeutics Abstract: A new approach to stereopure atropisomeric molecules is enabled by a continuous flow-crystallization process. Continuous accumulation of the product under its optimal crystallization conditions is combined with a parallel synthetic process occurring within its own optimal regime. Therefore, in a holistic sense, this approach constitutes an asymmetric synthesis via dynamic kinetic resolution (DKR). The application of Simultaneous Processing of Antagonistic Chemical Events methodology (SPACE-DKR) will be showcased on a densely functionalized active pharmaceutical ingredient (MRTX1719) for which significant yield improvement (from 37% to 87%) was realized. This protocol provides a complementary means to atroposelectivity for substrates which challenge current asymmetric methodologies, and greatly improves sustainability by decreasing consumption of solvent and advanced synthetic intermediates
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