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Prof. Kevin Roberts, University of Leeds

Kevin Roberts is currently Brotherton Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of Leeds in the UK where he is also Director of the EPSRC’s Centre for Doctoral Training in Complex Particulate Products and Processes.

His research interests revolve around molecule- and intermolecular (synthonic) centred particle science and engineering with a particular focus including:
  • Solution-state, solid-state, surface and interfacial chemistry of molecular materials including molecular- and synthonic- (intermolecular) centered modelling techniques.
  • Process analytical techniques (PAT) for understanding, monitoring and controlling crystallisation processes including the use of synchrotron radiation techniques for in-situ studies.
  • Crystallisation processes kinetics and their scale-up from laboratory to manufacturing including characterisation of the underpinning inter-relationship between structure, properties, processing and performance.
  • Digital Quality by Design (dQbD) tools and workflows for the design of structured products and their associated manufacturing processes.

  • His research work encompasses both fundamental and applied research, with the latter in collaboration with the pharmaceuticals, specialities, fine chemicals, and nutritional products sectors. He has published more than 450 papers and has led, mentored and developed the research work of more than 90 post-graduate research students.

    Keynote Presentation: A Digital Mechanistic Workflow for Predicting Solvent-Mediated Crystal Morphology
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