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Dr. Changquan Calvin Sun

Dr. Sun is Professor of Pharmaceutics in the Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Minnesota, USA. Dr. Sun’s research focuses on formulation development of tablet products through appropriate application of materials science and engineering principles. Two areas of current research are 1) crystal and particle engineering for superior pharmaceutical properties, e.g., powder flowability, tabletability, dissolution, and stability; 2) fundamental understanding of pharmaceutical processes, e.g., milling, blending, granulation, and tableting. As of September 2, 2022, he had published more than 230 papers in these areas with more than 11,000 citations (H-index = 56). Dr. Sun currently serves on the editorial advisory boards for AAPS Open, CrystEngComm, Frontiers in Chemistry, Int. J. Pharm., J. Pharm. Sci., Mol. Pharmaceutics, and Pharm. Res. He has served on the Expert Committee in Physical Analysis of the United States Pharmacopeia since 2010. Dr. Sun is an AAPS Fellow and a Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry.
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