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The Pharma Crystallization Summit (PCS) is held annually to bring together developers of new medicines with crystallization challenges and the crystallization experts (solution providers) in the industry and academia. PCS programs are designed to stimulate in-depth discussions on common and/or leading bottleneck issues related to crystallization of drug substance (DS) as well as the intermediates, the technologies and solutions that are available or underdevelopment. The discussions help new medicine developers to make educated and phase-appropriate decisions, and crystallization experts to understand better the critical needs for providing effective solutions. The Summit topics are multifaceted and synergistic, encompassing solid form screen & selection, crystallization process development, pre-formulation evaluations, particle engineering and DS-DP co-processing, etc., to facilitate implementation of effective technologies (or solutions) for streamlined drug developments.

Typical Attendees

Managers of drug development programs, CMC leaders, crystallization experts from academia and pharma industry, crystallization technology providers, graduate students going into the pharma industry, and other related professionals.


Organizing Committee and Advisory Board volunteered from pharmaceutical industry and academia.
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