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Dr. Haitao Zhang, Sumitomo Pharma America

Haitao Zhang is an Associate Research Fellow in Chemical Development with Sumitomo Pharma America since 2012. In the current role, he is responsible for in developing, and demonstrating commercially viable, multi-step, organic syntheses and crystallization, process engineering for the manufacture of small-molecule advanced intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Experienced in the scale-up of crystallization, reaction engineering and mixing, the characterization and control of API physical properties at the bulk-pharm interface, use of high-throughput instrumentation and laboratory workflows for process development. Haitao is also responsible for the new technology platform establishment, such as continuous manufacturing, PAT application in process development, QbD, simulation and process modeling, etc. Haitao completed his postdoctoral training at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Tianjin University. During his stay at MIT, he was dedicated in the development and demonstration of the first end-to-end, integrated continuous manufacturing pilot plant for a pharmaceutical product sponsored by Novartis.
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