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Prof. Gerard Capellades, Rowan University

Gerard Capellades is an Assistant Professor at Rowan University’s Department of Chemical Engineering. He has worked on crystallization as his primary research field for the past 12 years, always in very close collaboration with the industry. He obtained his PhD in 2017 from the Technical University of Denmark and Lundbeck, for his dissertation on “Design of Continuous Crystallizers for Production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients”. After completing his PhD, he conducted three years of postdoctoral research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), advised by Prof. Allan S. Myerson and Prof. Richard D. Braatz. Currently, Dr. Capellades leads the Crystallization Science and Pharmaceutical Engineering (CSPE) laboratory at Rowan University, founded in 2020 and involving 15 scientists from the undergraduate to the PhD level. His group focuses on understanding the role of solvents and impurities on small-molecule crystallization kinetics, on the development of novel diagnostics and process design strategies for impurity rejection in crystallization, and on the application of high-throughput screening and digital twins for crystallization process design. CSPE’s work has been in close collaboration with several industrial partners, including recent papers with Pfizer, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Merck, and Indatech. It has also been funded by multiple companies, by the National Science Foundation (NSF), and by the Kern Family Foundation. Dr. Capellades has been the recipient of multiple awards, including the prestigious NSF CAREER award to work on impurity retention mechanisms, and he was also named as one of last year’s 30 KEEN Engineering Unleashed Fellows for his approach towards teaching industrial crystallization to undergraduate students.
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