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Realizing Regulatory Challenges in Applying Crystallization Technologies

Moderator: Dr. Christopher Burcham, Eli Lilly and Company

Particle Surface Engineering for Predictive Enhancement of API Properties

Particle surface engineering is a cost-effective, promising route to achieve enhancements in the flowability, bulk density and other properties of a variety of cohesive active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). This...

The Crystallisation Structural Pathway of Para Amino Benzoic acid: From Solvated Molecule through Solute Clustering and Nucleation to the Growth of Facetted Crystals

In solution phase crystallisation processes, understanding and controlling the transition pathway associated with the assembly of molecules from their solvated state, into three-dimensional, ordered crystalline-solids, represents a significant grand...

What Solid Form Should I Choose?

Ann Newman, Seventh Street Development Group

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