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Co-processing: An Effective Particle Engineering Approach for Drug Substances

Dr. Deniz Erdemir, Principal Scientist Bristol Myers Squibb, New Brunswick/New Jersey Abstract coming soon

Facilitating DS/DP development through integrated solid-state and crystallization development

Crystallization is an important and economic unit operation for the purification of pharmaceutical API. It also serves as the key step to define the required quality attribute of the...

Pharmaceutical Crystallization Support by Computational Approaches

Given challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry, an accelerated Drug Development greatly benefits from guidance provided by computational methods.<sup>1</sup> This presentation will focus on computational support of the following important...

A Challenging Path to Controlled Nano-API Crystallization and Isolation

Controlled crystallization of an API in submicron size was enabled based on an accurate solubility profile and a growth inhibition property <em>via</em> semi-continuous processing, to meet special formulation requirements....

Drug Particle Engineering Using Microfluidic Emulsion-based Crystallization

This paper will present an overview of recent progress towards single-step fabrication of pharmaceutical drug-excipient microparticles through microfluidic emulsion-based processing. In the pharmaceutical industry, active pharmaceutical ingredients typically undergo...

Computation Assisted Solvent Selection in Crystal Form Investigation

Rational selection of solvents plays a critical role in solid form screening and production. On the one hand, a variety of solvents with different properties are chosen in form...

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